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Naturopathy practice “naturopath”

Cranio-Sacral Therapie

Chinese Quantum Method®


About 3,000 years ago, Chinese monks researched the connections between energy and health. The aim was to optimize human energy concepts. CQM combines the connections between energy and health with the results of the quantum field method. Therefore, CQM is a conscientious work with Far Eastern wisdom and applied Quantum physics. This means that CQM unifies the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, spiritual and karmic levels of our being.

We humans and our souls are shaped by our birth (astrology), genes, parental home and all childhood experiences and influences. As we know from Feng Shui, our body is in constant resonance with our environment. In the energy system, both positive and negative decisions are unconsciously stored in our system.

That's why we are slowed down in our lives by old habits, negative beliefs and unconscious fears. These interference fields are checked by CQM. The resulting energetic corrections flow into the healing processes of mind, body and soul.

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